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Our Mission

Small businesses and non profits are the driving force to our economy and social responsibility. These organizations bring forth  growth and innovation to the communities in which they are established by bringing employment opportunities, resources, products and services that support our community needs and social concerns. The existence of these organizations are crucial to our communities and TLC Coaching and Consulting LLC wants to make sure this is a reality. 

Our agency uses a multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients identify, evaluate and implement growth strategies that will improve business management, executive leadership skills building, manage workplace burnout and improve employee retention. 

Our diverse service capabilities and quality service allows our agency to provide creative insights to bring about sustainable change to build efficient business infrastructures and provide unique solutions to your business needs. 

TLCCC's mission is to support small businesses and nonprofits to build sustainable infrastructures and manage workplace burnout! As a result of accomplishing our mission, we will help to propel and increase the profits, increase production of products and services and increase employment retention  of organizations that contribute to our economy, community and overall society. 

TLCCC uses innovation and solution focused techniques to help our clients reach optimal health in their workplace wellness, employee satisfaction and personal development. 


Contesa Tate
CEO & Lead Consultant

Mental Health


Direct Sales & Marketing

Grant Writing

Program Development

Website Creation

Life Coaching

Spiritual Exploration

Executive Leadership Training

Business Planning

Non Profit Management

Community Organizing 

Life Coach

Social Media Content Planning

Public Relations

Event Operations Manager

Travel Planner

Tourism Environment & Development Researcher

Spiritual Exploration

Cherise NKetiah
Public Relations &
International Travel Expert

Accounts Management

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Brand Ambassadorship


Non Profit Program Development 

Wyllene Turner
Accounts Manager & Grant Writer
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